Maple syrup (grade a very dark strong)

Grade A Very Dark Strong Vermont Maple Syrup (Plastic Jugs)

(Even darker than Grade B!)

Produced at the end of the season, "Very Dark Color / Strong Flavor" Vermont Maple Syrup is perfect for cooking!

This grade makes Vermont baked beans, breads, and cookies especially tasty!

1 Gallon - $45.00   Maple Syrup (gallon Jug)
Half Gallon - $25.00   Maple Syrup (half Gallon Jug)
1 Quart - $16.00   Maple Syrup (guart Jug)
1 Pint - $10.00   Maple Syrup (pint Jug)
8 oz - $6.00   Maple Syrup (half Pint Jug)